ViceVersa provides you with a variety of ambience for your most enjoyable experience. 

Our bar lounge where you can enjoy an aperitivo before dinner or a smooth grappa after.

A classy set of tables in our main room, where you may comfortably enjoy a delicious dinner. 

Relax and sip your favored drink in our unique and tranquil garden.


Our Cuisine

Since the establishment of ViceVersa in 1999,  Franco Lazzari and Stefano Terzi, have distinguished themselves for their continuing use of only the highest quality ingredients and wines produced locally or imported from Italy.

In the comfort of ViceVersa’s kitchen, Stefano makes all pasta’s from scratch. He uses Semolina for extruded pastas like the kind you’ll find in his Strozzapreti dish and “00” flour for handmade and stuffed pastas found in dishes like his Casoncelli. Stefano’s cooking respects the characteristics of each ingredient and values their qualities in each recipe-a true embodiment of the philosophy of Italian Cuisine.